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Many people watch movies to pass time today. The choice of movie to watch depends on the preference in relation to the theme of the movie. Different kinds of movies therefore appeal to different people today. Below is a list of the popular movies about gambling today that you should watch:

1. Ocean’s 11 (2011)
This is a movie that was directed by Stephen Soderbergh with Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts and George Clooney as starring. It was not among the top hits, but is managed to make up to $450 million.
Daniel Ocean who was a prisoner, had already started planning his next hit even before he got out of prison. He was targeting three casinos that were run by Terry Benedict who was very ruthless. In order to hit these casinos successfully, he began to hire professionals that would help him in his mission. Among the people he picks include a pyrotechnic, a master pickpocket and a card magician. He also gets someone that was to fund them, Reuben Tishkoff, who hates Terry because he had lost one of his casinos to him. Daniel then gets a job at the casino where he begins to watch and plan. Bloom acts as a hard-core dealer, Dell spies on the security guards. A Chinese acrobat was given the task to get in the vault before the sensors turn off. The movie has amazing aspects all portrayed nicely; money, love, thefts and plans. It is among the most popular movies about gambling. If like Daniel Ocean you want to become a casino expert, timetobet may be worth checking. Find out more about online casinos, casino games and more.

2. Casino Royale (2006)
This is among the most popular movies about gambling ever made, with James Bond as starring. The movie was able to generate up to $600 million. This is a story on James Bond, an agent, who had been promoted to the ?’00’’ position. On a mission that he is sent to, he meets Le Chiffre who was a poker player and a banker to world terrorism. Bond then takes part in many stake poker games that were set by Chiffre, with an Mi6 agent and a treasury agent. The movie is then spiced to be the best and most captivating and memorable. This is due to the plot twists in the movie that will put you at the edge of your seat
throughout the movie.

3. The Gambler (1974)
The leading role is played by James Caan and it is directed by Karel Reisz. The movie is a story about a gambling addict’s mind. It has managed to e ranked among the most popular movies about gambling due to the ability of the movie to paint a realistic picture. Alex Freed, the gambling addict is a professor at a college, and makes huge wins. However, because he does not know that he can count card at a blackjack table, he ends up losing all his money. He then turns to his family and later to loan sharks for more money to gamble until he comes to the realization that he was addicted to gambling and he couldn’t stop.

Different genre of movies appeal to different people today. The three movies listed above are the most popular movies about gambling you should watch if you are into movies about gambling or into casino games. You could, like Daniel or James hit the jackpot with the right strategy…playing the right games, at the right casino! Yukon Gold casino seems to be the best casino these days. Thanks to a generous welcome offer, up to 500 games, Yukon Gold has seen many lucky winners! To find out more information, visit www.yukongoldcasino.net

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