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Nowadays, there are numerous ways you can watch or stream content online. A lot of TVs come equipped with smart features, but they also tend to lack some key features that have become a necessity when watching movies or playing online games. As such, you will want to get a dedicated media streaming hub. However, the problem is that there are too many choices out there that make picking one a complicated task. With most TVs coming with different options such as 4K resolution and HDR, it is important to ensure that you buy a hub that is compatible with your TV. Additionally, you’d like to make sure that your favorite streaming services can be easily accessible without having to waste time looking for them online. Below are the top 5 devices to watch movies and play online games.

1. Amazon Fire TV.
The Amazon Fire TV platform is a platform that has been built around FireOS, which is a modified version of Android that is mainly designed for Amazon’s content. These devices focus heavily on Amazon prime media and have Amazon Prime Music and Amazon Instant Video built notably into its system menu. This platform has also been equipped with Alexa, which is the same voice application assistant used in Amazon Echo speaker. It can be a very helpful tool when used together with the voice remote control that comes with the device.

2. Google Cast.
Google Cast is a media streaming platform that is less conspicuous and less complicated than other platforms on the market today. Using it only requires you to take a Chromecast system and plug it into a power source and then connect the appropriate cables to your TV or sound system and then control everything through your mobile device. There are no on-screen interfaces or remotes or applications sores used to navigate the device separately. It is very easy to use and economical and the Ultra version of Chromecast has more options for HDR than other streaming platforms.

3. NVIDIA Shield.
Most streaming platforms today are solely based on video streaming but the NVIDIA Shield takes on a different approach. This platform comes with High Dynamic Resolution streaming based on Android, but it is mainly designed for gamers. There are more than 200 games that can be played via Android TV and a good number of them are only for those on the NVIDIA Shield platform. This device is also a good option for PC gamers as it allows them to stream their PC games while remaining seated on a couch.

4. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Consoles.
There have been lots of debates regarding the pros and cons of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles. However, in the interest of time, we will not discuss any of these merits but instead look at the capability of both these devices as streaming devices for movies and games. The PlayStation 4 supports several streaming applications from services such as Netflix YouTube, Amazon Video, Dish network, Redbox, HBO Go, Hulu, and many more. It also supports Blu-ray media and 4K resolution. The Xbox One has support for several streaming applications from services such as Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Video, Pandora, Twitch, HBO Go, ESPN, Redbox and many others. It also has support for Blu-ray media and 4K resolution.  You can access to pretty much any websites from these console, play with any games, watch any movies and play to your favorite online casino games such as Mega Moolah, Immortal Romance or the new Jurassic World! If you want to play these games from your console, you can find them at www.timetobet.co.uk and get the latest news on the best online casinos as well thanks to the reviews available on the site.

5. Roku Stick.
The Roku stick is a great choice for people who prefer to avoid cluttering small spaces with another streaming set box or those who prefer to spend less on streaming devices. The good thing about this device is that it is small in size and looks similar to a USB stick except that it connects to an HDMI port instead. This enables it to be kept out of sight and still controllable via the remote control that comes with it the Roku mobile application. Any content that is available in the Roku 3 can also be accessed via the stick and it can support resolutions of up to 1080p.

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